Php script validating forms

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This makes it safe to assume that a pseudo-class will become standard for styling placeholder text.

All modern browsers support Note: There is no official pseudo-class for styling placeholder text but both Mozilla (makers of Firefox) and Web Kit offer vendor prefixed properties for styling (-mozplaceholder and –webkit-input-placeholder).Chrome, however, does have a proprietary property that you can use to style the error bubble.Peter Gasston has written an article about the currently implemented only in Opera 9.5 , Firefox 4 , Safari 5 , Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome 5 , so for the time being you need to continue writing a script to check that fields are completed on the client side in other browsers (*cough* IE! Opera, Chrome, and Firefox show the user an error message (see Figure 3) upon form submission.In most browsers, the errors are then localized based on the declared language.

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