Pico dating sim walkthrough

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Moosh isn’t dead, he still likes stuff on Twitter and plays games on steam.

Anyway, I hope this game does release soon for maybe pick day 2018?

After a while, you know what to do and it gets very easy. Keep raising your intellegence and getting promotions until you hit 250 intellegence points.

Here's what I did: Go to school and do advanced studying. Then, keep drinking those special drink that will raise your charm from four to nine.

I contacted the artist of the game and they said Moosh was just having other work to get done.

I’m assuming this was college or a job or something else, but Moosh does have a discord that people are somewhat active on.

The only thing I'll ask for is to make some place unclickable during a time in the day for example on Mornings make the bar unclickable since you can't really do anything there in the mornings.

Pico will get rewards for any smart action that he chooses during the play Learn different types of attacks by hanging out with different people. For the next month, I’m going to play the game and give you a list of cheats here.And in the the end i defeated that cyclops so easy , i can't belive people says he was so tough he only can do about 300 to me i attacked using blam and others and he was easy( or because i maxed my strength). Hey i need help i i cant find out what her IQ is it doesn't say on the walk through people say if u get the question there is no good answer is it true?o yea and how come there is no Special surprise yet like it says at the back its been forever.Story : Once upon a time, There was a An asian girl and a nobody Pico. Pico has to have high charm,intellegence and strength points. And now Pico Has to make Nene fall in love with him before the End of the school year dance! Just wait and talk to her and ask her until she is your girlfriend. Buy at least 1 love and love 2x or two gifts then date.

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