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My Husband says, “I used to bounce out the door, happy to go to work for NWA because I knew I had a union to cover my back and work rules that could not be changed at the company's discretion." MY, HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED!

With respect to every other airline, Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants are, by far, the industry’s most underappreciated, underpaid and underestimated group.

IAM Delta Flight Attendants personally met with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), US Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) and attended a rally with Bernie Sanders in support of his Workplace Democracy Act.

“Having IAM Delta Flight Attendants at the 2018 IAM Legislative Conference was an inspiration for all IAM members,” said IAM General Vice President Sito Pantoja.

Our first IAM contract can include language for monthly overtime pay, realistic and healthy flying hours, a sick bank that reflects our real-life exposure to illness, staffing models that reward us for doing twice the work of our mainline peers, an OJI bank that is separate from other call outs, even incentive pay for perfect attendance.

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Those charges led to a mediation session in December 2017 where AFA again refused to take any steps to end the divisions they created among Delta Flight Attendants who seek union representation.

Read more about the IAM Legislative Department and the 2018 Legislative Conference.

The AFL-CIO has issued a ruling that confirmed the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) has systematically undermined your IAM Delta campaign and your honorable goal of bringing union representation to all Delta Flight Attendants.

This means that every minute spent collecting or signing an AFA card did nothing but undermine the only legitimate campaign to bring union representation to Delta Flight Attendants, your IAM Delta campaign.

A year ago, with AFA’s tacit approval, a competing campaign to organize Delta Flight Attendants became public.

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