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She had been stabbed in the back numerous times and had apparently been dead for several days.As a welfare check turned into a homicide investigation, law enforcement upped their efforts to locate 19-year-old Gypsy.This time, she talked about one love interest in particular. Since October 17, 2012, Gypsy said, she had been in a serious online romance. Nick my boyfriend is 24, we met on a Christian Singles site and what made me fall for him was when I told him I’m in a wheel chair and I’ve got medical issues and I was bracing myself for him to be like other guys I was expecting him to either pitty me or say oh goodbye . Gypsy is Found Police soon that the Internet Provider address linked to the alarming Facebook posts was indeed registered to Gypsy’s beau, Nicholas Godejohn, a 26-year-old who lived in Big Bend, Wisconsin.Fearing Gypsy had been abducted, on June 15, a swarm of police officers descended on the Godejohn household. What they discovered was a Gypsy who was not only unharmed, but the picture of perfect health.While law enforcement worked to trace the source of the vulgar Facebook posts, a few police officers began taking statements from concerned friends and neighbors.A consistent picture of the Blancharde household quickly emerged; of Dee Dee as a sweet, devoted and selfless mother and Gypsy as a disabled but uncomplaining trooper who loved to dress up in princess costumes and watch movies. We are a pair of shoes: Never good without the other." The First Sign of Deception While police tried to sort things out, Aleah Woodmansee, a 23-year-old family friend and neighbor, came forward.Gypsy Rose Blancharde could not only walk on her own, she showed no signs of muscular dystrophy, cancer, epilepsy, or any other illness.

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And so began an investigation which would unravel a story so twisted and tragic that the entire truth will likely never surface.In October 2014, Aleah began receiving email messages from Gypsy through a secret Facebook account.Gypsy told Aleah that she had hidden Facebook accounts because of her mother’s overprotectiveness.Until October 17, 2012, the day her online romance with Godejohn began, Gypsy had believed nothing in her life would ever change.She had tried to escape her mother at least once before by finding a knight in shining armor to rescue her.

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