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View letter BSNL CO has decided that Vigilance clearance need not be withheld for Business Tours abroad, in respect of such officials, who are facing any RDA or criminal proceedings within the Organisation or any Court of Law respectively, provided that such departmental or criminal proceedings do not involve charges of moral turpitude.

View letter BSNL CO has requested all Telecom Circles other than NCR to update the status of availability and working of biometric systmes for registering the attendance of staff at their circle headquarters by 31st october 2017.

We request all to study both and send us your views/comments/suggestions to [email protected] a day or two.

View proposed BSNL EPP Amendment & RR, 2017 View Management's proposal last year BSNL CO has issued orders that new members can submit declaration/option form for deduction of monthly subscription upto 10th of every month.

As assured, our views/suggestions on the official proposal as well as the rationale behind the proposals submitted by us earlier will be heard in detail before a final decision is taken.

We are publishing the present proposal along with Management's proposal in October 2016.

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AOs in respect of whom APARs are yet to be received and has requested all circles to forwards APARs of all Telecom Finance Executives before 10.1.2018.

View letter BSNL CO has conveyed the decision of the competent authority to operate the posts of Vigilance Heads of AP, Bihar, CHTD, Karnataka, CTD, Kerala, MP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, UP (E), UP (W) and Maharashtra circles at GM level and the remaining circles at DGM level.

View letter BSNL CO has intimated all circles to incorporate the reduced qualifying marks of 20% and 15% for SC & ST respectively and to review the failed SC/ST candidates in each required qualifying sections/parts of a paper or papers as per schemes & syllabus for the LICEs/LDCEs etc., notified on or after 2.12.2014.

View letter BSNL CO has circulated the modified final seniority list in SDE (C) grade since Do T has released a Final seniority list in the grade of AE (C) in compliance to the Hon'ble PCAT New Delhi order.

View list BSNL CO has once again requested the circles/units to forward the screening committee report to DPC section and APARs to CS to Director (HR) of all executives working as AGM/DE on regular basis for preparing e-dpc before .

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