Quilt dating fabrics

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This expensive dye was also mentioned in the bible, in Acts, where Lydia is a seller of purple.

century a method of bleaching linen with kelp was introduced in Scotland, a Swedish chemist discovered chlorine destroys vegetable colors and the French began to recommend chlorine water for commercial bleaching.

The leaves were fermented, the sediment purified, and the remaining substance was pressed into cakes.

Indigo prevailed as the preferred blue dye for a number of reasons.

Kermes (from the Kermes insect) is identified in the bible book of Exodus, where references are made to scarlet colored linen.

By the 4Purple was made from a mollusk and clothing made from it was so expensive only the royal family could afford it.

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Estimates are that it took 8,500 shellfish to produce one gram of the dye, hence the fact this dye was worth more than its weight in gold.The ability of natural dyes to color textiles has been known since ancient times.The earliest written record of the use of natural dyes was found in China dated 2600BC.This dye was supplanted by indigo, an ancient shrub well known to the Egyptians and Indians.Like woad, its color lay in its leaflets and branches.

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