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The first pile is a compilation of my favourite songs I’ve written over the past 6 records and 12 years, the original versions.

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There are only 125 tickets going, so I’m expecting to get to know everyone pretty well while I’m there.In the meantime I’m going to finish off this new album – I’m very excited about it, it’s sonically the most diverse thing I’ve ever attempted – and then head home for some rest, recuperation, writing words (more on that as and when), and working on a few side projects. The last month of shows (mostly) with Jason Isbell was an absolute blast.At the risk of losing myself in a forest of hyperbole, I really can’t say enough god things about touring with Jason, his band and his crew.Songwriting is the thing I spend the vast majority of my waking life thinking about.In the past I’ve been a little reluctant to talk about it in detail, not least because I struggled to find the right vocabulary for it.

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    Hey Hawks, the LA Iowa Club is partnering up with Uber, the luxury taxi company.