Reitman dating

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In fact, because one of my friends had a Blackberry back in 2010 and Grindr was only available on i Phone, I had an account on my phone for him.

For those of you who are unf…People say the summer time is wedding season, but it seems that wedding season is never-ending. Or was the guy at the bar just so hot that you needed to know what being with him felt like?

Smee on the run from the Crocodile in "Peter Pan" (or the 90s movie "Hook," if I’m being totally honest), constantly tortured by the ticking clock inside the Crocodile's belly on their way to destroy Neverland.

He woul…As the resident lady in a large group of gay men, I know Grindr all too well.

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Whether the relationship was short-lived or long-term, mos…

I'm talking about meeting in a public place, having a polite conversation and finishing with a gentle goodbye. We know the routine: a long build-up, tearful exc…The American high school experience is pretty uniform. Maybe you’ve lived together or shared holidays; maybe you’ve traveled together, or you’ve got a routine d…Traveling isn’t the same as it used to be.

You have your cliques, your test scores, your bad outfits and your inevitable class reunions. You used to sit down with a guidebook and highlight the museums, neighborhoods and tourist destinations you planned to see, folding the corners of the pages to mark the very best places.

They were spotted together at several events and talk shows, which led fans to believe they were an item.

Since neither party confirmed the rumor, the news quickly simmered down, remaining speculation.

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