Robert evans dating tyra banks online dating techniques 48 dates in 48 days ebook

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The hunky Brit is just 24 years old, making him 14 years Tyra’s junior, but when you are a stunning supermodel age is just a number when it comes to true love or lust!

The pair were getting along like a house on fire at the Palihouse in Los Angeles last week as they canoodled over dirty martinis.

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About the rumors of her dating the new young ANTM judge Rob Evans, she says that he's like her little brother and there's NOTHING going down.

host was seen "canoodl[ing] over dirty martinis" with her new co-star, the 24-year-old male model Robert Evans at the Palihouse in LA last week.

Tyra Banks rolled to the "Wendy Show" to talk about love & babies.

Neither of which are working that well for her these days, so she says.

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