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Once you're kitted up, should finding another humanoid and going at it via instant messages and on-screen graphics of your characters making the beast with two backs seem a little vanilla, you can try it with a vampire, or a giant rabbit, or just about any animal, vegetable, mineral or fantasy being you can think of, possibly including an actual beast with two backs. Consider Baja Jamberoo, a 21-year-old Scot who went into the world as a closeted gay man in search of some release, and now belongs to the community of furries, players who identify with animals.

When I met him, Jamberoo was exuberantly styling himself as an endlessly horny meerkat in a wetsuit.

On the wall of his rented virtual house, he had hung a picture of Bugs Bunny with his backside jutted provocatively in the air. "I should say," he adds, "that I have no urge to jump a fox if I see one in the woods." "You can do things online today that you could hardly imagine in real life," says Brenda Brathwaite, a games designer and historian of sex in games.

He frequently finds himself in scrapes with tigers, whose barbed penises cause him no end of imaginary agony – and delight. "Are there really voraphiles, people who like being eaten, in the real world?

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And in order to do that, he was going to have to go shopping.

If the idea of buying your genitalia over the counter still sounds a little far-fetched, you have some catching up to do.

Shopping for genitalia is very far from the most unusual activity going on here.

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Last week, a woman divorced her husband after he had a 'virtual' affair in an online game.

("Mine is canine," he says: "I wouldn't know what a meerkat penis looks like.") Now he keeps an eye-popping and exhaustive list of his preferred activities online. But online you could be a hammer and have sex with a desk if you wanted.

If you can build it or animate it, you can do it." For those of us whose sexual experiences have so far been limited to the realms of the possible, this is mind-boggling stuff; but Second Life, at the moment the dominant virtual world for cybersex (up to 15 million people have logged on at some time since its creation in 2003), may not be cutting-edge for very long.

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