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I don’t want you to believe I don’t want love for Geeks. I want people to view Nerd Culture as something positive though.This looks like its going to be a giant mocking of what we are passionate about. Are you going to watch it, or are you going to join me in the fight against it?

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In an interview with Neredsbourgh’s Erin Wolf, back in June of 2012, Ryan “Geek Dr.

From the commercial that has aired, it looks like the first special is taking place at New York Comic Con, in the Speed Dating special they had there. They are exploiting a culture that hides away from society because we already get picked on enough.

When this special airs, I ask of you, nay, of you, do not watch it. There is a stereotype that is cast out here, and we need to prove the stereotype wrong.

I watch TV to escape reality, not to be watching someone elses. I followed what people were saying on Twitter after the announcement.

I’ll admit that the thought of Sci-Fi Speed Dating was intriguing, but now that I know it is going to be a TV Show? There is a lot of debate about whether this show will do well or if people like me who are begging people to not watch it are going to win out.

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