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In the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, intern John "J.D" Dorian learns the ways of medicine, friendship and life. is married to Elliot Reid and is best friends with Christopher Turk. Cox, but less so since becoming an equal in their profession. Kelso's leadership, where he often sought Carla Espinosa's advice. is the main protagonist of Scrubs and is portrayed by Zach Braff. He also worked as Staff Internist, from the end of his fourth year until his last day. Ask most people what the best sitcom of the modern era is, and they’ll probably say Seinfeld or Arrested Development. Ask an egghead (or Josh), and they’ll probably say something like The Simpsons or even News Radio. But while I appreciate that it may not be the best sitcom of the modern era, Scrubs is still my favorite.The show really doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. Although they promised to not let drama get in the way of their happiness, Elliot needs for J. They talk about their previous mistakes and finally come to the conclusion that it's actually a good idea to date again . He reveals that she is his dream girl, and that he loves her more than he loves Turk .

Whilst visiting Kim at her job to drop off Sam, he was offered Residency Director for St. Although his friends were upset by this decision, he felt fulfilling his role of father was the most important thing in his life J. has several oddities about him, particularly his daydreams. He tried very hard to be like the inspirational professors in movies, but none of his students took a personal liking to him when he invited them out for beers. But when she commits to him seriously again, he understands that he wants what he can't have; and now that he has Elliot he doesn't want her anymore.

There's a lot of chaos and screaming and, you know, eventually you get your glasses snapped in half by the big kid who already has underarm hair.

But then you wake up in the hot nurse's office, and as she leans in to put that bandage on your nose you get a sense that something could actually happen if you just took a chance and buried your face in her knockers.

does get possessive of Turk at times, even bringing to question if they are a couple.

tells Turk that it's not like they are a married couple.

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