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Therefore, these channels will not fire delivery webhooks.Messages sent to these channels can be confirmed from the HTTP status code response of an API call, or through message event webhooks. Link failures such as this can be detected with the link:failure trigger.This is an overview of how authorization works with the Smooch API.Smooch uses JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to authenticate server-to-server calls. There are two different authorization scopes available - app and account.This is a unique identifier that is chosen by the API consumer and it can be used to associate Smooch users with an external user directory, and to synchronize a single conversation across multiple clients.To understand how this works, see the section covering user authentication. Both key and values are accounted for in this size limitation.

To ensure the best experience for your users, when calling the Smooch API you array in v1, but in the next version it will be removed.

That secret is available in the response to the POST request used to generate the webhook, or through a GET request to the webhook route.

A webhook call will be reattempted up to 5 times at an exponentially increasing interval if the target responds with anything but a success (2XX) or a non-recoverable error.

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are an industry standard authentication mechanism.

The full specification is described here, and a set of supported JWT libraries for a variety of languages and platforms can be found at

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