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What do you mean by saying getting used to being othered? What else was interesting about traveling or living in South Korea? Because in America I know I'm American but there isn't that much emphasis. Do Koreans still respond that way to black Americans today? The atmosphere; the party life is crazy and everything is open 24 hours. Since the first time you arrived in Korea to now, how are things different?Well, I guess I wasn't used to people watching me and looking at me because they weren't used to seeing black people. Over the past few years Korean [young people] have been exposed more to America through music, social media and culture. Thanks to trap music we [black people] are now seen as Americans. I have not seen much of a change in the way Koreans interact with black people. In the way that locals and other foreigners speak to you and treat you.My friends went in the club, I went somewhere else quickly. It was the only thing on my mind, it felt right to come back. Living in Korea as a black woman, what is that like? More men are interested because we seem more exotic. It's nice to stand out in the Korean dating scene but it feels terrible to be fetishized. It's good mostly but I have experienced some difficulties with a few companies that won't hire you specifically because you are not a white female. But then realised and accepted that I don't qualify in their eyes. I find it really hard to believe that the issue is still ignorance.When I came back to try and meet them inside I was told “Korean's only."Regina, 26 American When did you first more to South Korea? Being a black woman can be difficult, it's not easy but it has its advantages. I have a Korean friend who has spoken with me about how racist Koreans can be and how much he hates it. There is racism in Korea, but I feel like it is easier to deal with than the racism in America. It's quite easy to become more aware of one's behaviour.I think I remember telling some of my friends that I'm no stranger to any of these things—for instance, when I had holiday jobs during school holidays I had a few white customers who were surprised at my mastery of English. Do you see yourself living here and settling long-term? What were some of the things you thought you would encounter in Korea?

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I had an interesting encounter at the market in my old hometown in Jeollanamdo, I went to the market to buy some fish from the behind me who was about to touch my hair, her companion hit her hand and must've told her not to in Korean because she didn't end up touching my hair. How does one person ( an elderly person in a small town) know that touching my hair is inappropriate?

"—South Africa in my case—has lead to both interesting and awkward encounters during my time in South Korea.

Most locals usually guess “Miguk" which means America and when I say “no, South Africa," they give me a perplexed look.

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