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With that in mind we have produced a series of letter templates to accompany our guide to child support.

The letters are self explanatory, just fill in your own details.

Please outline what you consider to be my net income, any exemptions or discounts I have been awarded, the number of days you consider me to have joint care of my children and any other children living with me included in the calculation.

Please provide the above information within 7 working days so that I can review your calculations to see why you consider that I owe [amount] in child maintenance.

If your ex is still in receipt of child benefit, then it points to your child being in full-time education.I have never had any contact with my daughter or her mother even though I have always paid for her- she will be 18 this month and I assume she is doing A -levels as I know she goes to a very expensive private school - Am I correct in assuming I will no longer be liable for payments after her A level course is completed? does her mother have to tell them she has finished?I had sex with 2 men and I suspect one is the actual father, told about the child and requested for a dna, he denies the child and declined the dna, instead decided to send me money (tho not much) but I'm just not pleased as I wouldn't want to be attached to anything fraud in future, what should I do?The courts have not adjudicated on this matter and I was not married to the child's mother at any point between the child's conception and birth.I am willing to take a DNA test to settle the issue.

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