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Now as I was saying, you will have to just watch this time, but if you're good I may let you top your fellow slaves.

Maybe even fuck their asses." That immediately caused Nebula and Gamora to become silent and stay still, which made Sif chuckle, before she turned her attention to the witch, "That's better... you get plenty of lube." With that Sif dropped to her knees and after briefly teasing her pet with a few gentle kisses to her pale behind the stronger brunette pulled apart the ass cheeks of the physically weaker brunette and buried her face in between those cheeks.

At least until she felt her ass hole begin to stretch. She was vaguely aware of Mistress Sif pulling away from her ass, but that was seconds before the penetration, not giving the taller woman sufficient time to retrieve a strap-on cock.

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She loved the taste of Mistress Sif's pussy, and the pussies of her fellow sex slaves, and it would be a shame if her owner was skipping that part in favour of going straight to ass fucking.

Not that it was Wanda's place to complain, of course, but she couldn't help briefly feeling disappointment.

She then started eagerly lapping away at Wanda's rosebud, causing the other girl to moan softly as she began giving her a long drawn-out rim job, Sif gleefully spending several minutes just gently licking Wanda's ass hole before trying to push her way inside of it.

She didn't get that far at first, but with a little persistence, and going back to spit on that tiny back door, Sif was able to force her way inside, and in the process press her face as deep in between Wanda's butt cheeks as it could go.

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