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I like to fish these flies on a short, stout leader (0X) on the end of a sink tip line, or thrown at the banks from a drift boat or raft on a floating line and long leader.

Big bites like this tend to really pull the monsters out, and even if a big giant fish only flashes this fly, once you know where he lives, you can develop a plan to get him to bite.

Galloup uses wire threaded with a few small glass beads to join the hooks together and prevent the back hook from fouling around the front hook.

I tied several of these flies this way and find that the inherent space between the hooks is just too abvious for my sensibilities.

I have heard rumors that this fly was given its unusual name because frankly, like an actual Sex Dungeon, this fly has alot going on.Try to get a turn or two of the soft fluff at the base of the feathers on the shank as well.Tie the feathers off at the front of the hook and clip the excess.Often enough, the tanks will just blast this fly and then you won't have to worry about plan B.But you will have to worry about casting this thing...better go practice on the yard...

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