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Only one image of Cleopatra survives—a barely visible profile on a coin—but we have numerous written descriptions.She had a long thin face and a somewhat pointed nose; her dominant features were her wonderfully large eyes.A few years later, while Antony was in Syria, Cleopatra invited him to come meet her in the Egyptian town of Tarsus.There---once she had made him wait for her—her appearance was as startling in its way as her first before Caesar.His life with her was a constant game, as challenging as warfare, for the moment he felt secure with her she would suddenly turn cold or angry and he would have to find a way to regain her favor. At one point she led him on a lavish historical expedition down the Nile.In a boat of unimaginable splendor—towering fifty-four feet out of the water, including several terraced levels and a pillared temple to the god Dionysus— Caesar became one of the few Romans to gaze on the pyramids.

By the time your head lay on the pillow beside her, your mind was spinning with images and dreams.

twenty-one at the time) appearing before them suddenly as if in a dream.

They were astounded at her daring and theatricality---smuggled into the harbor at night with only one man to protect her, risking everything on a bold move. According to the Roman writer Dio Cassius, "Cleopatra was in the prime of life.

Known for her virtue and goodness, she could surely keep Antony away from the "Egyptian whore." The ploy worked for a while, but Antony was unable to forget Cleopatra, and after three years he went back to her.

This time it was for good: he had in essence become Cleopatra's slave, granting her immense powers, adopting Egyptian dress and customs, and renouncing the ways of Rome.

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