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The people back at the hospital think only a buffoon like Victor Erlich would choose such a distasteful subject for television at an hour when people are eating dinner. (Silence.) Listen, do you - do you wanna come out for a drink with me? RYAC (staring at him in dread): Perhaps Karyn is right.The TV station decides to cancel any future segments. Not all of the old traditions are worth holding on to.Erlich himself seems to be the only one who is oblivious to the fact that it is terribly inappropriate. Cassie, Jakob and Reuben sit around the table as Marcus prepares a meal. Using all of her money and some of her male DNA, the scientists are able to grow a new penis for Garrison on to a mouse. (If this is because Mr Garrison had been circumcised as a baby, it would be an example of Larmarkism, the discredited theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.) Thomas Ravenel ("T-Rav"), whose relationship with Kathryn Dannis was shaky until she became pregnant, announces that his son, St Julien Rembert Ravenel, will be left intact.Victor presents the standard arguments, that circumcision is not painful, it promotes good hygiene, but some people just don't like it (he doesn't say why). He places some sausages (presumably pork) onto Jakob's plate. His friend Shep Rose thinks the boy will be teased in high school gym classes. Tealc reciprocates, then they hug.) TEALC (once they have broken the embrace): Before your departure, there is a matter that bears discussion. (Ryac looks horrified.) RYAC: Surely it is not still expected?All the focus is on the taste of talking about it at mealtime, none on the baby's feelings or rights. So, if we got James to give us a picture, we could tell at a glance if it was a match. Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) has been giving a baby boy to take care of for health class.

In one of the side stories, parents of a newborn argue over whether or not they should circumcise their son. The receptionist, Lana, breaks the deadlock, telling them it's not how it looks, it's what a man does with it. ABC's off-kilter family comedy starring Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto as New York City expatriates attempting to survive in the land of SUVs and big box stores. we checked in with creator and showrunner Emily Kapnek ... "It sends Fred into a cold sweat when he hears [the new pal] is all natural," Kapnek says. I'm not sure." Also, if you're wondering just why the married Dallas would know the condition of another man's member, all we can say is that it relates to a major (and yet very logical) plot twist coming up early next year. (Fred drops his mallet, but Sven has already reached out and grasped his hand. His friend produces a spraycan of foam that she sprays on his hand, and he rubs his hands vigorously together.) Voice over: Having the wrong partner can really put you off your game.

The baby is given back to Jerri so that she may complete the assignment, but she tries to sell him on the black market.

After pinning the attempted crime on her new class partner Tammi Littlenut (Maria Thayer), she returns the baby to Coach Wolf.

(Tonight's episode offers a clue.) Dallas: Hi Fred, this is [Sven]. (Gentile) Toby Kennish (Lucas Grabeel) and (Jewish) Lily Summers (Rahel Shenton) return from London with plans to marry in the Kennish family's back yard Toby mentions to Lily that they skipped out on "that ceremony where they chop of the baby's foreskin" for their son.

Comedy about a group of teenage friends in 1970s Wisconsin, mainly set in the Foman basement.

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