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Basically a form of "committing suicide", but we're men and we don't pull out!We would die to just be able to pump a creampie into that pink hole!

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Fucked up porn so mental that even sex maniacs and pornography addicts like Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods or David Duchovny would have trouble to fap to it and use a condom!

Rambo wannabe "Abdul" is going to feel cheated and have nostalgic feelings thinking about the time with "Fluffy the Syrian goat" when he gets offered the most disgusting STD infected pussy that has probably seen more cock than the average Hollywood star on the casting couch of Harvey Weinstein. The vid then switches to an aftermath picture of the girl and I have to say, if you're into necro shit, she could still perfectly well serve as a piece of fuck meat. In case you're interested in buying this "death" machine, they included an "ad" of that semen infested thing at the end of the video.

All that was missing was a black guy screaming "Worldstar" at the end of the video, but I guess the damn pussies at the local Brazillian FBI office cut that shit off to not offend some white racist supremacist keyboard warriors online, before uploading this vid to their favorite gore website. I couldn't find the "buy now" button anymore, which makes me think that shopaholic Nicolas Cage probably bought it already.

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