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For her efforts, she received two hard swats on her ass with a Stay still, little girl. Not really believing her, he asked another question. He raised the paddle and brought it down on her raised ass hard. Again, little girl, did you take them off while you were with that boy? Again, he hit her tender ass cheeks with the paddle. He popped her reddened ass with his bare hand and told her that he could not hear her. You will tell daddy how much you need to be punished for acting like such a little slut. Please daddy, I need to be punished for acting like a little slut.

Her breasts and face touched the cold table and she tried to raise back up. Daddy, I did have panties on, they just got really uncomfortable and I slipped them off. Her voice seemed to ring out through the whole house. Still crying hard, she nodded her head and mumbled, yes, daddy, I know. Knowing she could not lie anymore and her ass was already burning and throbbing with pain, she nodded her head yes.

He reached in the bag and took out another set of cuffs. He knew this feather-like touch he was doing was driving her crazy. If I do not get the correct answers, you will not be sitting down for weeks. To make his point drive home, he hit her ass very hard with his hand as he walked away from her for a moment. He slid his hand up under her hips dangerously close to her pubic area. Releasing her hips and looking, he decided that would be enough. He saw her face flush as she turned her head to the other side. After number 15, he stopped and calmly asked her one last time. He walked to the front of the table and leaned over to her. He said he wanted to know exactly from her why she needed this from him. She was trying to move to get away but, she was bound completely to the table top.

He moved from behind her and took some rope out of the bag. He looped the rope through one of the cuffs and tied it to the table leg, stretching her arm out. When she was secured by her arms, he walked back to the other side of the table where her ass was waiting for him. Rubbing it again, he stepped back and reached into the bag once again. Little girl, is that the truth or is it that you took them off while you were with that boy? He did not stop even though she was crying and begging him to stop. Smiling as it began to get more and more red with each pop. Sobbing uncontrollably, she muttered something inaudible. He hit her one more time with the paddle and she screamed. She yelped and barely said yes as she lowered her head into the pillow crying harder. He asked her to tell him what she was being punished for. I was wrong and I need daddy to show me how to be better. His smile widened as the first hit came across her ass and she jumped and screamed. She was screaming as his hand continued to assault her very sore ass.

He asked her where they were and why they were not on that little ass of hers where they belonged. She jumped and let out a little yelp as his hand once again hit the other side of her ass. You will be punished for lying and for coming in past your curfew. He turned her facing the table and put his hand between her shoulder blades, gently forcing her forward on the table. He ignored these pleas for mercy as he stood to one side of her. Why did you have no panties on under your skirt when you went out? He told her: little girl, you know you will be punished again for lying.Disclaimer: All models on this website are 18 years or older. She started to say something but, thought better at the moment. Looking at her this way, with her nice, round, white ass sticking out for him, he suddenly got very hard. But, he could not let her get away with lying and staying out past curfew. He did not like this and told her to raise her hands above her head while walking to him.

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