Shaadi hindu speed dating

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EG hadn’t had much experience in dating and relationships and I pretty much had to babysit him through the relationship but there comes a point when you have to think to yourself and say “Am I settling?

” and if at any point you think thats true then maybe its time to rethink the whole thing.

he seemed like a nice enough guy in that he was clear what he wanted (settle down, have kids) and had a decent job, etc etc.

His pictures show him as being rather attractive too.. Well it gets better, turns out we are both the same cast so its a bit of a bonus.. so we are talking and realise there are a couple things that annoy me – its so hard these days that I don’t know whether I read too much into things or whether my gut is right.

Cut story short, he tells me he was hurt badly and that her brother and uncles came after him and tried to sort him out (as she said he has used her?

) – he said she wanted to get married but that he didn’t like her that much so called it off as he (after few months & not engaged). My investigative skills have since found out that the the girls family claim that it was the other way round and that he was stalking her!

and no I am not talking about fruit & veg you need to have each day! To make matters worse, he actually uses x-rated websites as oppose to even thinking about me…. For me, I found it weird and I found myself embarrassed to know this new fact about him but I did some research as I wanted to know more about this and whether it was actually normal.

My boyfriend (whom is an ex now but thats by the by) let it slip that he pleasures himself 3 times a day.. So, from the different websites I went to, overall, I didn’t really get much of an answer other than chronic masturbating can affect men in different ways.

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You don’t need to be experienced in relationships to know this so to all those guys out there who fall back on the “inexperienced” card, man up, talk to her and be honest with her and she’ll guide you and I can promise you will no longer be an inexperienced veteran (and I’m not talking about physical relationships here, we’ll save that for another day).It had taken him 3 days to call me – that’s not someone who is fighting to save the relationship, that’s for sure.It was a civil conversation and I was able to talk to him and explain how I felt.Not the most charming of places but at least I can do a bit of food shopping and pick up some Vino if he turns out really bad.😉 Permalink Leave a Comment February 8, 2011 at am (General) The feeling of being free like a bird…..

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