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From the Samesame website: The awards are given to the 25 Australians judged to be the most influential over the past 12 months by members of Australia’s #1 gay and lesbian lifestyle website Same au. Australian lifestyle website Samesame have held their annual “Gaylies” in Melbourne this week, an awards ceremony that names the who’s who of gay and lesbian Australians.

Speaking to the in 2014, she explained why she chose to protect her privacy so fiercely. “Once, as my friend was telling me they had cancer, someone came up and asked, in the middle of the conversation, if they could take a photograph with me. The singer, who launched her career in the Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp in the 1990s, has won several accolades, including an MTV Video Music Award.As well as selling millions of her own records, she has written hits for Beyonce, Katy Perry and Rihanna.What is left for us to focus on, critique, adore, pin up, or tear down? It was so fun to be there with you and to experience that. And I don’t love performing, because it’s nerve-racking and it’s time-consuming to rehearse a whole set—and my time can often be better served writing music and just making it and putting it out. So probably a no.” And then I thought, “Wait a second. If they can get Olivia Newton-John to sing with me at the event, I would do it in a heartbeat.” It was all me trying to manipulate my childhood dreams into reality.In the case of the self-protective 39-year-old Australian singer-songwriter Sia, who hasn’t shown her face in a magazine or during a live performance since 2013, what remains in the public consciousness is a kind of trademark severe sunshine-blond bob wig—and a sensational voice. Anyway, she was unavailable, and I passed on the event, but three months later I got an e-mail from Olivia Newton-John. And when you’re done doing it, it’s such a great feeling.

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