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Do you clean up your mess like a good little sissy? You still have a cock and not a clitty, and you still do the fucking. After all, you are reading my blog, and that means that you're turned on by little cocksucking sissy bitches like me.

Once you have your total, you can read below to see where you stand . You might have a tiny cock or just a hair trigger, whatever the case, and no matter how you try to hide it, you're turned on by femininity, whether it comes from the person you're with or from yourself.

Well, you may have some sissy down deep, but at present you still think of yourself as a man. The only thing certain is that we both know you're not entirely straight.

If you've admitted this to yourself, you are likely dressing with some regularity, but you may still also be in some form of denial.

You may already be under the control of a Mistress or Master, but in any case you know that you desire cock.

The cock you get at present may always be plastic, but you know you want more.

There's no doubt that you've creamed your panties while riding a dildo, but you mostly just enjoy feeling feminine.

You obviously felt left out as a child when the girls all got to paint their nails and play with their hair, but you're making up for that now and you love it. You're submissive to the core and unable to please a woman with your pathetic little sissy clitty. If you don't have a Mistress, get one, because you need some help with your femininity.

But we both know that won't be the case, because you are a Well, at least you know you're a sissy.

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Many such sissies still think of themselves as men with a fetish, but I've got to tell you, honey -- that's some serious bullshit!

You've probably already at least tried on a pair of panties and had a finger up your ass, and it's almost certain that you've fantasized about sucking a cock.

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