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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Maybe it is the nurturing factoror maybe it goes back to the men leave but the dog is always there. Good luck though - some women love their dogs like children, Im oneof them.curlygrl~I was dating a girl who had 4 cats and they all wanted to sleep with us at night, when we locked the door to fornicate all you heard was MEOW MEOW and scratching at the door, how is a guy to stay focused... I guess it's a compliment when your pet sleeps with you.....least they love you.... God that makes me laugh My dog sleeps on the floor next to my bed on a big dog cushion.. He was my friend but above all a fierce protector.curlygrl~What else are we supposed to have in our bed to keep us warm when we don't have a partner? However, I am concerned that far too many people on the personals....(especially mature women) have ammassed a bunch of animals as a surrogate family. I am not inclined to want to take that on, let alone compete with it.

OK, first off, I am not talking about any kinky stuff, just plain old dogs sleeping on the bedroom floor, or even on the bed. These women get upset with me because I tell them I can not sleep with them and their dog in the same bed. When you have a girlfrend - maybe she should have cats. most people that I know who have dogs that are allowed to sleep on the bed.. Pets on the bed is normally a companionship issue and if there is a 2 legged companion.. I'd rather have her dog on the bed than one of her kids in the bed ! possibly even deal breaker material, I just know I seriously couldn't handle it... Dogs that are allowed to beg at the table and slop up scraps right there before it is even considered if someone at the table would like seconds.. I don't normally sleep with my cats, just because they tend to get into trouble if I let them in my room at night (they knock stuff off the bookcase and pull clothes off hangers in the closet and open drawers and pull stuff out etc) otherwise I would let them sleep in my room with me at night, just so I have something to cuddle with. OF COURSE you are allowed to express your opinions here! I would prefer a warm, cozy, furry NON-JUDGEMENTAL bed campanion. My dog is free to sleep on the bed or not as she chooses. Everyone needs to do some honest inventory about just 'why' they have animals..just what is that relationship.

I seem to have met several women lately that state "you must like dogs" in their adds. Now I am not talking about itsi bittsy 10 pound dogs here, but full size 100 plus pound size dogs. When I have a girlfriend, I want to sleep with her, not her 4 legged friend. do make other arrangements when sharing their bed with a 2 legged friend. that would make the need for the 4-legged one on the bed to be redundant. But , if you tell her you aren't comfortable with the dog on the bed and she says too bad/so sad then you should find someone who would think of a loving relationship with a human a higher priority ! These women get upset with me because I tell them I can not sleep with them and their dog in the same bed. ) have different ideas..(though apparently I am not allowed to express my opinion here? Just when you accuse people of mental illness and say that they are sad, old, childless women who project they latent motherly instincts onto an animal and you feel sorry for them and are disgusted by them at the same time.... And if a woman doesn't like it, all I ask is that she close the door when she leaves.

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