Social online dating for teens

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If the types of apps that your teenager uses becomes a problem make sure that you are using a trust-worthy parental control that will allow you to block inappropriate apps like Tinder, Grinder, or Down on their devices.

Encourage your teen to build relationships the “old-fashioned” way by starting a conversation and getting to know potential dates in person so that they won’t need to be swiping left!

Michael Lynas, chief executive of the trust, said the findings 'reveal a concerning lack of social integration and level of loneliness amongst the next generation of young people, which could be harmful to the UK's economy and well being in the future', the Sunday Times reported.

Dr Jennifer Lau, who led the research at King's College, said: 'Loneliness for teenagers is an issue because they are starting out towards independence.

It affects how many people you interact with and it is associated with anxiety and depression.

If it emerges in adolescence and is not treated, there can be lifelong repercussions.

Not many romances tend to bloom from Tinder, but that’s not to say that it’s entirely impossible.

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Typically, these dating apps tend to lead to hookups only.Your teen should be cautious if using these apps and aware of the stigma around them because people abuse their online power and taking advantage of teenagers is sometimes easy to do.Unfortunately, most of these “hook-up” apps are anything but helpful when it comes to dating, especially for teens!It’s scrolling through pictures and having an attraction for about a minute.The attention span on dating apps like Tinder lead many to believe that they can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.

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