Social problem that teenager face as a result of dating

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When we get very cold we go blue and that’s because blood is rushing to our internal organs to protect them and keep them warm.Conversely though, if we get too hot then our blood will be directed externally to try and cool us back down.

This occurs due to a histamine reaction which rushes blood to the site of the perceived toxin in order to try and flush it out and combat it.This essentially thins the space available in the blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure.Thus the heart pumps harder and blood is forced closer to the surface resulting in us looking redder.Flushing in the face is a result of blood rushing to the surface of the skin and this in itself can have many different causes.Often we associate flushing of the face with emotion, and in particular embarrassment which leads to many awkward situations in which we are accused of being embarrassed when we are in fact just cold or experiencing an allergic reaction (and the unfortunate irony is of course that this will then cause embarrassment resulting in a vicious cycle that sees you ever reddening until you resemble a tomato).

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