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Her chemistry with the Yoo Seung-Ho can't be denied to..I hope So-Hee's career will grow well and successful.. Keep excelling I learned to love Kim Hwa-Goon(Yoon So-Hee ) when, undoubtedly she is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of Crown Prince (Yoo Seung-Ho) .[ 67, -21] If Kim Soo Hyun marries Sohee, he will be a fool who doesn't realize his worth 6.[ 53, -6] Well Jessica's dating rumors started in China too and no one believed them but they ended up being true 7.[ 791, -41] Seeing as how these two are always being linked up, I wonder if there really is something going on 2.[ 736, -35] Maybe it is true that they're dating 3. [ 73, -6] There are couples who announce their weddings just a few days before...and people always deny it before confirming it later on.

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Chinese reports are unfounded rumors" Source: Sports Chosun via Nate 1.I became So-Hee's fan with her beauty, brains and attitude.. She did lots of efforts and courage to take part in helping the Crown Prince to succeed in all his mission to help the people of Joseon to the point of saving his life as well even if it means disowning his own grandfather Dae Mok.Keep going So-Hee ^_^ From your avid fan, -nyzah I really love Hwa Gun her character so strong she is very good actress i hope that i can see her the main lead in drama soon she did great job in ruler i loved her more then kim so hyun wailing character I definitedly think her beauty and acting skills surpass the lead female role in Ruler: Master of the Mask. On the other hand, I am beginning to hate Han Ga-Eun (Kim So-Hyun) for her stupidity in believing the make believe story of the fake king Lee Sun (L) whom, because of his obsession with Ga-Eun, leads to this fake king betraying the Crown Prince to Dae Mok.Based on the source report, Ahn’s neighbors have seen Kim visiting the singer-turned-actress in her Yongsan apartment complex multiple times during the past year.Kim Soo Hyun secretly comes even when he has no scheduled work, a neighbor said.

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