Sowetan dating

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I don't have a whole lot of faith in the emergency Avusa team sent in sort out the paper (and sister title Sunday World) and I think the Sowetan has been all over the place since Avusa took over.

We've seen this kind of thing before - usually with kids, who don't realise how such things go viral.Why give up the ground and readership so firmly won by former editor Aggrey Klaaste to the Daily Sun so quickly?And I think part of the answer lies in a succession of weak editors.The seriousness of their conduct lies in complete disrespect for the people of this country." Mmmm. That's why the paper was flying off the shelves - because everyone was outraged by the cops showing disrespect to their uniforms and, therefore, the country.I'd also say the Sowetan pretty much shot itself in the sanctimonious foot the next day when it trumpeted gleefully how well the paper had sold:"Sowetan was sold out by midday and the newsdesk was inundated with calls from readers who could not find copies of Sowetan," wrote the paper.

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