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There are other Trenton lures from the same time frame.

The Crippled Shad was made in the 1940s by True Temper, an Ohio company whose origins can be traced back to Al. The Speed Shad, a mate to the Crippled Shad above, was made in two sizes, with the baby one being the hardest to find.

The wonderful color papers in this example show a full line of rods, in addition to lures and tackle. This is another Turbulent lure - the Turbulent Tiger.

Turbulent Fishing lures were made of composition material and typically consisted of several parts rotating on a shaft. These lures are as unique as any I have seen, and this specimen was found on the West Coast by a visitor to this website.

The box says this relatively small lure is "not a warship" like bigger plugs of the era.

The Bunty Darter had an unusual cutout face that almost looks like a flattened rhino's face.

This is the rarest and earliest style Turbulent Lure box that has a possibly wooden Turbulent lure inside.The bait features a removable belly weight and propellers that would make a food processor proud! The circa 1918 box is eight inches long and identifies Tuttle as the "inventor & manufacturer."This interesting, tack-eyed lure emerged around 1934 and had vanished by the outset of World War II.The jointed bait included an unusual wire weed guard and a fixed rear hook.Why it changed from Gurglehead to Surface Doodler is a Mad Mouse was made by Trenton Manufacturing of Covington, Ky., and was a handsome wooden lure from the 1940s.It came in six colors and this is the 'introductory' box most often found with this bait.

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