Spiderman dating shadowcat

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Kitty's mother insisted she did not want her going off on dangerous missions like Xavier's other X-Men students, or taking a codename; but Kitty immediately ignored Theresa's wishes, considering calling herself Shadowcat and initially regarding the school as a big heroic adventure.

This changed after she stowed away on a mission with Wolverine and Cyclops to the Savage Land.

She was also a big fan of Spider-Man, and when she met him while in New York tracking down the explosive mutant Geldoff, the star-struck Kitty invited the wall-crawler back to the X-Men Mansion to meet Xavier (much to her teammates' chagrin).

En route, Geldoff blew a hole in the jet, and Spider-Man was knocked out.

Kitty walks away, telling Kurt he looks good when he’s playing geek.Shocker was robbing a bank but, thanks to the combined powers of Shadowcat and Spider-Man, ends up defeated.With everyone safe again, the watching crowd even applauds for them.Kitty and Iceman finally became an item during a later trip to Genosha, but she ended the relationship when she found he was still in e-mail communication and in love with Rogue.Realizing she had been interested in Iceman because he was attracted to her, not because she wanted to be with him, she decided on a whim to call Spider-Man and asked him out on a date.

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