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Do you want to meet singles who share similar interests as you?Or are you just looking for some new friends to share your experiences?All of it sounded good to me…except the “not dating for sport” part.When I was single, I DID look at dating as a sport.There is more than just dating here, however as the site also acts as a community.You can read reviews of the laest games and get ot know other releases.



Most women (and some men) think that dating multiple people at once is somehow unethical, or “whorish.” If you’re having sex with all 5 of the men you’re dating, I can see why that might not be a good look.

There is nothing wrong with trying a new restaurant, going wine tasting, enjoying a movie or two or having great conversation with someone who ISN’T the love of your life.

Take the pressure off and use dating as a way to hone your interpersonal skills so that when the One does show up, you’ll be well versed in relationship skills that will likely lead to a very mature and strong commitment.

When you know you want to get married, it’s hard not to look at a potential date without wondering if you’re wasting your time.

But maybe you’re secretly sabotaging your own end game.

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