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The bad news was the Race had to compete for ratings on one of television's toughest nights, and in the fall was constantly delayed by football games overrunning.

The good news was the football lead in actually helped ratings, and the Race thrived, even against Sunday Night Football, becoming one of the night's top rated shows.

They were so bad that the other teams dismissed them as a complete non-factor, and Phil told them he thought they would be the next team eliminated.

They were so bad, they were easily the most entertaining part of an otherwise dull season.

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They constantly raced near the top of the pack despite Terence's constant need for attention, and Sarah taking the smallest things personally.For its first season in its new permanent spot, the Race submitted an underwhelming effort, with a cast that was not as charismatic as hoped, and a predictable, boring end result.Nick & Starr dominated most of the season, and, for the first time in the show's history, said dominant team won with little-to-no threat posed by the other teams.Ultimately, their inability to notice the details cost them, as they struggled to complete the Bleary Eyed Detour in India, writing down random numbers instead of the ones on tags hanging from the power lines.Though they managed to rectify this mistake before Dandrew, Ken & Tina helped Dan & Andrew finish the Detour before them, knocking them out in 6th.

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