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Comic strip, series of adjacent drawn images, usually arranged horizontally, that are designed to be read as a narrative or a chronological sequence. Words may be introduced within or near each image, or they may be dispensed with altogether.If words functionally dominate the image, it then becomes merely illustration to a text.

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Most of the more popular newspaper comic strips eventually are collected over a varying period of time and published in book form.With the story concentrated on a single page, backgrounds and narrative incident were minimized in favour of striking facial expressions and silhouetted poses.Rodolphe Töpffer, a schoolmaster of Geneva who was active in the 1830s and ’40s.The various social and moral themes that had been crudely treated in different countries and at different times were the raw material for the English artist William Hogarth, who raised the broadsheet picture story to an aesthetic level that has rarely been surpassed.With a social insight both broad and deep, an unrivaled sense of satirical counterpoint and topicality of reference, and exceptional physiognomic finesse, Hogarth dealt with types from all classes of society.

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