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The Australopithecus bahrelghazali holotype is precisely located in KT 12 section.

Mammal fossil assemblages unearthed from argillaceous sandstone levels at Koro Toro (KT 12) and Kollé (KL) allowed a biochronological estimation of their deposition age of 3–3.5 Ma and 4–5 Ma (3–4, 34), respectively.

If these requirements are met, then Be reported for surface marine sediments (14, 16), for top surfaces (or extrapolated to zero age) of Fe-Mn deposits (17–23), for present-day deep waters in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea central basins and margins (13, 24–30) mostly range between 0.5 × 10Be ratio can be expected considering that in continental systems, the two major processes affecting the aqueous geochemistry of beryllium are dissolution from rocks and uptake onto particles (13).

The initial authigenic Be ratio thus depends both on the lithology of the region drained and on the partitioning between solid and aqueous phases.

This opens up the possibility to date sedimentary deposits in the range of 0.2 to 14 Ma.

Much as is the case with B, which is undistinguishable from common boron.

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