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Anxiety can be described as the response to a future or possible threat.

Anxiety is closely related to fear, which is the response to a real or perceived immediate threat.

It therefore affects men, women, or teen girls and boys, whether in a married or unmarried heterosexual or homosexual relationship.

Intimate partner violence may consist of one or more forms, including emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, or economic abuse and is defined as one person in an intimate relationship using any means to put down or otherwise control the other.

Sexual abuse refers to any behavior that uses sex to control or demean the victim, like intimidating the victim into engaging in unsafe sex or sexual practices in which he or she does not want to participate.

Economic or financial abuse is described as limiting the victim's financial freedom or security.

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unwanted sexual penetration after being pressured in a nonphysical way).Fear and anxiety are normal evolved responses in both humans and animals, and physical responses are linked to the "fight-or-flight" system.Excessive anxiety that causes distress or impairment, or that interferes with normal function, is considered an anxiety disorder.It is usually committed by perpetrators of other forms of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a major public-health problem in that it affects millions of people and often results in physical and emotional injuries and even deaths.

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