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Shaw River, owner of the Otjozondu manganese project in Namibia, has entered voluntary administration “as a consequence of low manganese ore prices”, which halved in 2015.

It follows fellow Australian companies OM Holdings – which closed its Bootu Creek mine in December – and Consolidated Minerals – which shut down its Woodie Woodie mine last week – in shuttering its operations.

Back in elementary school, Valentines Day was all about getting Valentines Day cards with candy or making the coolest cards to give out, but in high school, Valentines Day is a lot more. Sadly there are single people and they do not know what to do. They do not define themselves by their relationship status because they know their relationship status is not their identity. Even if you don’t want to be single you still should not define yourself by your relationship.

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Fourth, if you are single and you do not want to be, start now and think about how you can find your dream partner.There are tons of men who are in the single department.Here are some tips for all you single men out there.One, plan in advance a place that you can go where there will not be those lovey dovey couples.Stay away from any restaurants, movie theaters, jewelry stores, or flower shops.

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