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I think that this version of Itazura na Kiss is unique. Because I want to learn the dialogues of Playful kiss in its original version but I can't read Korean letters.

It doesn't copy event from event, it elaborates and makes something special.

And despite the plot of Itazura na Kiss being far-fetched, Mischievous Kiss (Or Playful Kiss) gives it a sense of reality.

The Japanese Version is more like watching a real-life anime, and I'm sorry, but that doesn't strike as unique to me. The characters seemed bland, like every other character trope. I can't help it but laugh and laugh until my stomach hurts. KIM HYUNG JOON was also casted in 2009 hit drama "BOYS OVER FLOWERS". is an all-out drama packed with romance, action and melo.

The series is based off from a Taiwanese drama and a Japanese manga book.IF ITS NOT FOR THE 1ST KDRAMA for many.i bet no one will ever like it. You really become part of Playful Kiss world when you watch it. Ok, Korean drama writers get going and write that sequel! d addition of Jung Hye-Young playing as a mother gave dis drama a big plus..... it's nice to hear at last , korea has their version of started with a kiss because i have seen the other version that include the japanese version (itazura na kiss ).you know there is always a soft spot for the 1st thing Honestly the worst k drama I have ever seen. Hope they will be able to make another great series. i really don't like following interesting series on television. Dis drama follows d same plot as ISWAK with very minor changes. i think d main reason why many people hate this is bcoz d storyline is very much d same as in ISWAK but i would still give dis series a 5/5 for its youthful approach and refreshing comedy skits.... ^_^ one of my fav anime ever was Itazura na Kiss, I watched it over 3 times! it has their own unique style and timeless love story .it was so dragging for 16 episodes drama However, I kept watching it as i am curious about the ending This is my first best film after watching so many Korean movies,i love playful kiss that I felt like watching it again and again but oh ha ni really try in the film for fall in love with a guy for 5 years I hope this love still exist in life,since I have been watch Korean movies this is the first movies that they show the marriage and what happen after the marriage but thanks to oh ha ni that all her 5 years in love was not in vain but really like her since before their first kiss in their school graduation ceremony I have watched quite a lot, and always the original seems better. if this is to be manga style, then the korean seems a very dif version and becomes draggy like korean saga and lose some of the spontaneous crazy cuteness in the jap manga version. This version is not worth watching, I haven't watched the Taiwan version though. overall the jap version always seem cuter, and tighter in editing. But I love the Itakiss Love in Tokyo S1&2 very much.

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