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Even more, when a trans girl still has her male […] Read More Okey, today I wish to answer one of most asked questions by men: Where to find a transsexual woman ? I like transsexuals women non-op, I’m not with my ts girlfriend to fulfil a fantasy, I truly do love her, and, of course, I like the fact […] Read More If you are looking for a relationship with a transsexual woman from the west countries, will be happened to you meeting transvestite men, or the so-called ” crossdresser”.

Even if you are not new to dating game with trans women, I think it could be interesting to you as well. Let’s put the case for now that you never […] Read More What does it have in common these 3 girls and Transsexual pre-op, post-op, non-op ? That’s common even in other countries of the world, but on the west side, the presence its major by numbers. My name is Andrea Del Riva, an Italian man who happened to recognize that his best partner in life was to have a transsexual girlfriend.

There are many around you can find, but this is the one i warmly recommend to my friends trans-oriented men and trans women looking for romance.

Try the free sing up on My transsexual date now Have you ever heard of Asian transsexuals ?

Even those who never had their first experience yet.

The question is, how many t-girls have you dated till now?

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All contents of this page not otherwise credited are the sole work of Jennifer Diane Reitz.My purpose is to see you able to understand yourself, to determine what to do, to know the basic plan to actually do it and what it will involve, and to survive and succeed.A testing environment you can use to help determine the degree of your own gender issues.One day I've decided to break free and live my life to the fullest, without minding other's opinion.I'm now 39, and currently living a long-term love relationship with a trans woman, and I'm never been happier in my life.

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