Trevor wright dating

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They soon realized that they only lived an hour away from each other back in Indiana.They began a friendship that lasted a few years before finally dating their senior year of high school.

The couple then took photos with family and friends and continued their tour of the Lexington distilleries with a few extra friends in tow.

She said: ‘365 days without your gorgeous smile, perfect kiss, ridiculous laugh, big blue eyes, delicious cooking, annoyingly charming attitude, jet black hair that you “never died” even when one time it was blue-black, your drinking game rivalry, the ability to be the only person in the world who knows exactly what to say and do to calm me down.

I miss everything.’Taylor again marked Giuliano’s birthday in March 2013 with another poignant message, she wrote: ‘Vin it was such a privilege to love you.

Taylor was left heartbroken after her fiancé and boyfriend of five years was killed in a freak car accident in California just four years ago.

Taylor struggled to come to terms with the loss of her ‘one and only love’ Vincent Giuliano in 2011 According to the California Highway Patrol‚ 21-year-old student Giuliano from Riverside, California was thrown from a pickup truck after it skidded off the road and down an embankment, before rolling several times on the evening of September 17, 2011.

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