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I am about 18 yrs his senior, although because he has early balding and receding of his hairline it is hard to know. There is a question on this site that answers a question about what American born women need to know about men.I found the part about Turkish men not liking loud women to be true.Besides being cheaper to live \nhere, I am unlikely to be slammed into a nursing home or C class \nhospital if I lose my marbles.These people appreciate family whoever \nthey are or may be and they look after them into their old age until \ndeath.Until people learn it's \nwhat's inside you that counts and that one must try to learn about \nthemselves first and then strive to improve on that as a human being \nthey will never, never be truly happy.Egos at any age simply destroy \nthe human spirit and do little else.Maybe he was a professional hand model and couldn’t risk his fingernails on a messy metal saw.

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It's a \ngimmick to get people pay out big bucks for plastic surgery, special \ncosmetics, and famous name labeled clothing.\n Answer \n \n I moved to Asia and married a younger woman because I found those \nwomen of my age/era in my own country too well off and not interested in\na permanent relationship.I did not want to be "cast off" at the whim \nof another woman who had lost my fancy.Having retired and being on a fixed income, I sought a cheaper \nplace to live where the money will go further.Yes my wife is 40 years \nyounger but we are both happy and well integrated with the rest of our \nfamilies. This will \ncement our relationship even further and it has nothing to do with sex \nor ego.

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