Updating a resume

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If you are in sales, for example, using terms like quota, enterprise sales, territory, book of business, net new revenue, Presidents Club, etc.will help your resume pass through the basic technological filters and get a hiring manger’s or recruiter’s eyes on your resume.” 7. “Too few job seekers quantify and promote the difference that they’ve made in their previous roles,” notes Murphy.With the world of Linkedin and other professional social media websites, your photo is already out there, and I believe it’s great to save people a step. If you have to write an objective on your resume, I already know you’re doing it wrong.” 5. “Changing from a sans serif (like Century Gothic) to a serif (like Garamond) and vice versa can instantly give your resume a new look,” advises ACA Talent Marketing Manager Sabrina N. “To stand out, go for an unusual font that’s still legible: Your resume won’t look like everyone else’s, and it’ll have a fresh, modern feel.Having the same picture on a resume and on a professional social networking website also promotes the understanding of personal branding.” Of course, she also makes it clear that this mostly works for creative, sales, or administrative jobs… You can also experiment with using a couple of different fonts on your resume.There are many ways that companies and their systems do this, all with varying degrees of sophistication.The key point for you to know is that you must leverage the keywords that you see popping up in the jobs you are applying to.

Make sure it communicates your value proposition and distinguishes you from the hundreds of other candidates.However, on the resume you want to spell words out (at least on the first mention).It’s especially important to watch out for keywords that define the job and the skills that are needed because the ATS may not know to look for a match in the abbreviated form.Whether you’ve remained employed and happy for many years, but now need to find new employment or you’ve had a change of heart on your career, having to take the resume out and update it is a daunting process. Effective job searching has changed in many ways and as a result, so has the way resumes need to be written.It’s even more dreadful when you look at your resume and realize a lifetime has gone by since you’ve updated it. Today’s resumes need to speak to the employer immediately with information that informs them, “Here’s what I can do for you.” At the same time, it needs to be written in a way that the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), the software that scans and ranks your resume, can read.

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