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When you update a software or hardware component, it is usually for performance and security concerns.

For the BIOS, updates are usually for performance so that the computer can maintain compatibility with new technology.

My biggest concern with these new machines is the high-gloss monitor -- I wear spectacles and have always had difficulty looking 'through' such high reflective surfaces, whether on a framed picture or on PCs. I am surprised that the PC manufacturers would even consider using such high reflective surfaces for this reason and am very disappointed with the product offerings as a result.

I think it should still be possible to make a machine with the LCD screen, hardened somehow to be usable as a touch machine.

Move the cursor to the "General Download" section, then click the down arrow next to "Select Product." Choose "Eee Family" from the menu.

Click the down arrow next to "Select Series." Choose "Eee PC" from the menu.

I am interested in the ASUS Signature Edition versions, as well as the Surface 3, probably a Pro version to get the HD Gb storage.As Matt helpfully pointed out, other users are experiencing the same problem with this laptop.I checked the Asus support page for this computer, but there are no drivers listed beyond Windows 8.Read about each BIOS update and make a decision on which is necessary for your PC. Type in the numbers and letters from the security image, then click on the "Submit" button.Read and follow the instructions that will guide you as to how to download and install the BIOS update.

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