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26 players end the regular season with a rating of 97 or higher.

Notable players on the rise include Julio Jones ( 1 to 98), Geno Atkins ( 1 to 97), Tamba Hali ( 2 to 96), Russell Wilson ( 1 to 95), Odell Beckham Jr.

Payne has the ability to be disruptive in the run game, but also anchor against double teams in the interior of the defensive line and can also provide an interior pass rush.

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But like I said, when teams move their tight ends and nose will shift to three-technique and three-technique will shift to nose…you watch him on tape, you can see that he never gets out of his gap.Compatible with Portraits Packs provided by Darkommi PLAYER PORTRAIT PACK download/file.php?id=6878Thanks to Bus36 for the updates, I havent compared this yet to your updates but somehow I assume most it are already here in this roster.But I admit I am a newbie here and to this, just doin the best I can with what I got. Coaches Disappear in Franchise mode after first season, Weekly Schedule does not simulate smoothly. Also, the updated corrected roster is soon to be published, that is a 1.0 above, give me a couple days and I'll share the update.

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