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The reason for this is that i Cal is the application that performs the actual synchronization.Mobile Me, Apple, Inc.'s answer to the consumer-based "push" concept has launched today.However, on May 5 all Mobile Me calendar users will be required to switch to the new format. Previously, your calendars were stored on your computer and to Mobile Me.With the new format, your calendars are stored in the cloud with Mobile Me but apps such as i Cal on the Mac and Calendar on i OS can interact with these calendars through a standard called Cal DAV.The new Mobile Me calendars include a better web interface, the ability to share calendars, and critically important to developers, Since Spanning Sync does its job using Apple's Sync Services system, the change effectively breaks Spanning Sync's ability to sync with these calendars.Obviously, since Spanning Sync worked with Mobile Me calendars before, our Mobile Me customers expected it to continue to work and we wanted to accommodate them.

Windows-based PC's and Apple's OS X can be used to synchronize this information between platforms.

Users that have already been using the beta version of the new Mobile Me Calendar can continue using the app as usual.

One of the great new features for i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad users is the new support for push notifications across devices.

One of my initial concerns was how the information will sync to my new i Phone from i Cal, Address book and my Safari Bookmarks without duplicating information. I then proceeded to the obvious: I added and appointment on the i Phone.

i Tunes handles the synchronization process, and I figured that between synchronizing i Tunes and sending the same updates out, there was bound to be a duplicate somewhere. That is right, within about a minute; my calendar, contacts and bookmarks were synced to my i Phone. No sooner than launching i Cal on my Mac desktop, the new appointment appeared.

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