Updating ubuntu 11 04 to 11 10

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Another 'folder' for i Phone was there too, but when I clicked on it, it said 'Importing, please wait...' and didn't do anything.

Ubuntu 16.04, i Phone 5, i OS 10.1.1 I did the same as Chloe, only edited the fuse.conf, since I already have libimobiledevice in the latest version.

So, that the packages will now be cached in apt-cacher.

If I’m updating this client machine it won’t take too much time to get packages from internet.

Drive is one of the options one can download i Phone pictures into.

Go to your Google account on the Lubuntu computer, and download them from there.

I hope this will helps for all those who use Debian/Ubuntu machines.

In this article, we have seen how to setup a local cache server for apt packages using apt-cacher-ng, many people wants this setup to save their time and bandwidth.It's arrival, without any sort of formal fanfare (yet) [email protected]:~$ cd ~ # Update the source list [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get update # The Open JDK project is the default version of Java # that is provided from a supported Ubuntu repository.Remap-debrep: file:deb_mirror*/debian ; file:backends_debian # Debian Archives Remap-uburep: file:ubuntu_mirrors /ubuntu ; file:backends_ubuntu # Ubuntu Archives Remap-debvol: file:debvol_mirror*/debian-volatile ; file:backends_debvol # Debian Volatile Archives Here we can see the report page for apt-cacher-ng, Click the static report and configuration page at the bottom of this page to get the Download hits and misses.From the report home page we need to copy the Proxy URL for later use. Hereon, if any packages are downloaded on the client machine will be cached to apt-cache server.

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