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You may have seen a job advertised but you have not been given a name to address your cover letter to.

You may start your letter, Dear Sir or Madam and end it with Yours Faithfully.

When you have any comments or queries about this website please contact us at [email protected] and a HUMAN will reply. You may provide us with the following information about yourself: Cookies are text files that sites store on users' computers. They don't do anything to your own computer (they can't run software or send viruses).

We will always be open with you and so we have written this policy to tell you: This website is owned and operated by Niche Jobs Limited.And it also allows us to make your experience of the site better.For instance, when you hit Apply and have to register, you might want to land back on the page you started on.As such we do not have any control over how an employer or recruitment agency deals with your information once they have downloaded it from our database and they make their own decisions as to what to do with your personal information.We do ensure that any organisation who accesses your information has signed up to terms and conditions requiring that they deal with your information safely and securely and that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and any subsequent UK legislation.

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