Validating contractor invoices legal age of dating in canada

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Invoice automation software is a benefit to facilities management, location staff, Accounts Payable and service providers.

Our software easily integrates into your existing financial system, allowing you to pay individual invoices or approve payments in bulk, all while monitoring cash flow in real time.

During validation, users can see both the extracted data and the original invoice scan on the same screen.

This saves users from having to search for the invoice and having to switch back and forth between screens.

Any errors or potential issues that the validation tool has identified are marked so that users can evaluate them.

Soft Works AI’s validation tool is designed to be as easy to use and helpful as possible so that even people who know little about accounting or invoices can perform the task.

During validation, your authorisation rules are reflected to ensure financial control is maintained throughout the process.

One of the most important steps in automating invoices is validation.

Click this button to validate the form and request the creation of the invoice. The first approver defined in the Payment approval section will receive a payment approval form.

Set the current invoice aside without validating or rejecting it (for example, if you are currently waiting for additional information required to fill the form fields).

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