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To allow this, the Data Grid View fires Row Validating and Row Validated events each time the selected row changes within the grid.Likewise, as the focus shifts from cell to cell within the grid, Cell Validating and Cell Validated events fire as well. Formatted Value で入力値を取得できる。 Data Gride Viewから取得したい場合は Data Grid View. One of the most important features provided by Rad Grid View is the data validation.The default key setting assigns end edit without leaving the current cell action to the "Enter" key.So the Cell Validating event cannot be fired when pressing the "Enter" key. The following code example shows how to use this event to validate the cell's value.

However, usually you will want to handle validating a little closer to the data that is being validated, either at the individual row or cell level.

Dias_Asueto Then Msg Box("Los dias correspondientes son " & Dias_Asueto) e. I am trying to retrieve the data from Excel and fill the Data Grid View1 by adding rows into Data Grid View then fill it with data retrieve from Excel.

Cancel = True else 'here I was thinking on something like Data Grid View Text Box Column7.value = 60 and so on, but none of this works. I am desperate for solution and here are my coding: Private Sub btn Fill DGVWith Excel_Click(By Val sender As System. Event Args) Handles btn Fill DGVWith Exce.click Dim obj Excel As New Excel.

Both of these types give you access to the current Rowlndexand Columnlndex, and they have a Cancel property that can be set to TRue to cancel validation.

The Data Grid View control is designed to keep the focus on the current cell if validation fails.

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