Was i dating a sociopath

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#1 Carefully chooses people to reinforce their sense of grandiose self. They know how to “choose” people to be around them who pump them up and make them feel like they are “The Shit.” Usually, this tends to be weaker people who don’t really stand up for themselves and don’t have the ability to see who the narcissistic sociopath really is.

[Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism that people overlook until it’s too late] #2 Strong desire to have a lot of power. And so, a narcissistic sociopath craves and seeks power so that they can be in control. They strip other people of their power because they want to hoard it all for themselves.

When they are in mania, they are abnormally energetic and happy, but then they make bad, impulsive decisions.

During depression, they may not even be able to get out of bed. A sociopath is someone whose disorder manifests in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior.

Mental disorders explained We’ve all heard these terms thrown around, but unless you are trained psychologist or psychiatrist, you may not know exactly what they are.You might think you do, but some of them are similar to one another.So, let’s look at some of the characteristics of some of these mental disorders. Antisocial personality disorder is a condition where the person has an ongoing pattern of not caring about, and violating, the rights of other people.They seek power and success and take advantage of other people along the way. Another term for bipolar disorder is manic depression.People who have this condition have periods of depression, and then also phases of an elevated mood *mania*.

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